Funny Hat (merino wool)


Double layer merino wool funny hat keeps warm in the winter winds and chills.

High quality, soft patterned merino wool interlock with an extraordinary wearing resistance. Does not turn nub but remains soft. Fine merino wool is comfortable and suitable for next-to-skin wear. Merino wool does not cause skin reaction even with sensitive skin and is warm but does not make you feel hot.

Materials of natural fibers are well suited for sensitive and even atopic skin. Merino wool is the finest of all wool materials. It is breathable and feels comfortable. Wool absorbs moisture without feeling wet. It is, therefore, a most excellent material for outdoor undergarments, sports underwear and the like.

Size | Months | Head size:
NB ----> 0-6 months ----------- 42 cm
S-M ----> 6-24 months --------- 50 cm
L-XL ---> 24 months ------------ 56 cm

100% merino wool

24.95 €