About us


Melancia for babies came about naturally after being a mother for the first time and while expecting my second child. When I started looking for clothes for my first child I realised I liked garments with specific characteristics: comfortable for the baby, easy to dress up and with high quality, both in design and in materials. I noticed that the brands that met these characteristics could not easily be found in Portugal, and so came about Melancia for babies.     

We select our brands taking into account three fundamental aspects: design, comfort, and sustainability. All garments have a unique characteristic, whether the print, the color or a fun detail; all garments ensure the comfort of the baby; and almost all garments are made with certified organic cotton. We take pride in the selection of independent brands we sell, and we will continue to look for new designer babies’ clothing that match our pillars: design, comfort and sustainability. Several brands will join us for Autumn/Winter 2016.    

We are avid online shoppers ourselves and our children wear the clothes we sell. So if you have any questions about the ordering process or about the clothes just contact us through our email. We will do our best to clarify your doubts!     

If you have ideas, comments or feedback on how we can improve our service please send us an email.